Famous Flamingos

Trespassing into bloggers’ world is another breakthrough in our lives. Me, Ananya, after so many busy years in corporate and Tuhin in contemporary art, we both have started materializing our passion i.e. travelling to distant places on earth. Tuhin is the only catalyst for such vagabondism. We met in 2010 and chose to live and travel together since then onwards. The passion for roaming has always given us chance to rediscover the reason of our existence on this earth.

Amidst nature, the air sieves all imperfections and impurities out of the soul and mind. It is a mighty grace of Almighty that both of us have time and opportunity to explore the world frequently.

We are from India and studied in Kolkata, the city of joy. After our graduation we were active in our respective fields but the desires for travelling have never departed our souls. We discovered the gifted instinct within us and aimed to present our travel experiences through our Blog ‘Famous Flamingos’.