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An Evening at Krabi Night Market in Thailand

Krabi is a famous tourist’s destination on the Coast of Andaman Sea in the Southern Thailand. Once we reached the province by air from Bangkok we found lush greenery prevailing all over, irrespective of diverse terrain and thus our souls soothed completely. Neither any hustle & bustle nor any musical note welcomed us rather the symphony of nature enthralled us rapidly. We can say that Krabi town is evolving as a queen from its princely state and provides space to unwind you. In the evening we had planned to visit the Krabi Night Market in Krabi Town. Our Hotel in Ao Nang has arranged our drop-off to the market and confirmed the transfer rate to be 200 THB per person. We waited in the lobby and a mini-van arrived on time and on our way to the market the driver gathered some more interested tourists like us for Krabi Night Market. After we reached at around 6 pm, we were told that the same car would be bringing us back to the hotels and all must assemble at 9 pm in a specific point on the road. Once we started entering into the market through a wide lane we could see each creator sitting in a canopied stall and selling simple things in an outstanding fashion. The presentation skill of the people of Thailand is extraordinary and we could see the examples in these markets. We were hungry and once we had asked about a good dining area, a lady in the hotel promptly told us “hold you hunger till you reach the market”, I would have not realised her words unless I could see the varied food available in the market. We started treating ourselves with nicely diced fresh pineapple. We were amazed with the creative mind of the canopy owners. Distinctive articles with beautiful presentation are the key to their recognition. Even we could see small children raising funds for their education by means of musical performances. The market has many things to vend but the main hub was offering wide range of veg. and non-veg. food items. As we were in the main area of the market we were hardly missing any chance to explore new food items. Creamy coconut ice-cream topped with peanuts, spicy roasted pork, banana pan cake, smoky beef steak and many more kept on pleasing our taste buds. Even from the platter of insects fry we chose to eat fried silk worm. Though tasted like shrimps but after all silk-worm is an insect so we chewed up without much facial expressions. We discovered that a Fried Silk-Worm is an eatable item. The food court ambience was entertaining as few dance shows had been staged by certain local groups. We had ended up our market roaming by drinking Cocktail in Bamboo. It was really an awesome presentation of drinks to its customers. The technique of cocktail making and its presenting in a bamboo cone tagged with a mini colourful umbrella is something that we loved. Krabi Night Market is a place where you will never be starved mentally or physically. It is worth visiting there and we consider the market as a sparkling meteor in the Krabi cosmos.

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