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Bhitarkanika, the Amazon of India!

Bhitarkanika, the amazon of India, is a national park located in Kendrapara District of Orissa in Eastern India.Situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal surrounded by lush green mangrove forests land is Bhitarkanika.

In Bhitarkanika the nature provides man with wings of wonder and amazement. Often the tourists drowned in the countless charm of the place.

 Animals roam freely here in this forest and where nature’s bounties are countless.Birds fly higher in the sky with complete liberty and life.

The national park is surrounded by Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary. River Brahmani and Baitarani flow in this deltaic region.The mangrove expands in Bhitarkanika is a home to saltwater Crocodile and many other species of Flora and Fauna.

Bhitarkanika is a portmanteau of two Oriya words “Bhitoro” means interior and “Kanika” means extraordinarily beautiful.

Bhitarkanika mangroves were under zamindari rule till 1952. Later the government of India abolished zamindari system and placed the forest under the control of State Forest Department. In 1975 an area of 672 square kilometer was declared as Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary.

In 2002 Bhitarkanika the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India was designated a Ramsar site- Wetland of international importance. Mangroves are saltwater tolerant forest ecosystem of tropical and subtropical intertidal regions.

Bhitarkanika is one such location with lush green vibrant ecosystem lying in the estuarine region of Brahmani and Baitarani.

The roots of mangroves are seen here possesses power that can hold the earth from erosion by sea tides, cyclone or calamities. Trees like Sundari and grasses like the Indigo Bush are found in the mangrove forests of Bhitarkanika.

The mud flats and wetlands of the Bhitarkanika are suitable living grounds for Crocodiles. Bhitarkanika has one of the largest populations of endangered saltwater Crocodile in India.

A crocodile rearing center has been set up at Dangamal and nearly 2000 saltwater crocodiles were born during 2014 annual breeding and nesting season as per the officials.

Once in a year the migratory birds arrive for wintering and birds from different parts of India comes for nesting during monsoon season in the place called Baga Gahana in Bhitarkanika. The birds fly away with their offspring at the end of the seasons. A museum at Dangamal is extremely informative and all tourists get to know more of various species of Flora and Fauna while their stay in Bhitarkanika.

Bhitarkanika has rich historical and cultural past and it is also a home of Medieval Hindu temple.

Once the place was hunting ground of the erstwhile king of Kanika and the animals were tortured and killed, now the native people protects these animals with at most sincerity.A boat ride from Khola, which is one of the gateways into the sanctuary, offers beautiful glimpse of the estuarine ecosystem of Bhitarkanika.

Strolling through the creeks in the mangrove during early morning or before sunsets will give an obvious glimpse of various animals on the lap of humble nature and their gesture will mesmerize you.The tranquility in Bhitarkanika always provokes man to mingle with the real nature and get filled with joy and peace.

How To Reach:

By Road :

Bhubaneswar – Khola / Gupti entry point : 170 kms
Cuttack – Khola / Gupti entry point : 140 kms
Bhadrak – Jayangar entry point : 70 kms ( Via Chandbali ) .

Nearest Railway Station :

Bhadrak – 70 Kms from Jayanagar entry point
Cuttack – 140 kms from Khola / Gupti entry point
Bhubaneswar – 160 kms from Khola / Gupti entry point

Nearest Airport :

Bhubaneswar – 170 kms from Khola / Gupti

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