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Learnt Scuba Diving & Explored the Ocean World

Pattaya is a vibrant city on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand. Life and nightlife in Pattaya is something extraordinary and I love to visit there when I am in Thailand. Pattaya is the closest beach destination and it takes nearly 2 hours to travel by road from Bangkok. Every time Pattaya surprises me with something new, so this time the Scuba Diving Course with Mermaid Scuba Centre is something in my success list.

From the Mermaid Scuba centre a car came and picked me up around 8 am in the morning. In a short while I had reached the centre and my theoretical training started as soon as I had arrived there. While sitting inside the classroom I was more excited about my practical training rather than the theoretical so was unable to concentrate much on studies. After two and half hours of theoretical classes, me and my scuba diving trainer Mr. Gordon Rimmer dived into the indoor swimming pool and the much awaited session started with all the gadgets on our back and mouth. Though I know swimming but the scuba diving is far different and full of thrill. On the first day my trainer showed me all the techniques and sign languages required for scuba diving. He briefed me how to wear a BCD Vest along with the tank, narrated the techniques of breathing through mouth with the help snorkel & OCT and explained the functions of gauge and regulator under water. All these had boosted up my enthusiasm. The day long training in the pool made my skin pale and numb. Though I was tired but my mind was awake and waiting for the open water scuba diving on the next day. I slept late on first day of my training as I was recalling the day’s event since the dusk but the excitement of voyaging in the open ocean for scuba diving woke me up early on the next day morning. I was pretty nervous and at the same time stimulated by the nearing event.

On the 2nd day the car came on time and picked me up from my hotel on the Beach Road. Initially we all gathered at the scuba centre and after that we headed towards the harbour in the South Pattaya. We were 6 trainees with different acumen got divided into 4 team. Mr. Gordon Rimmer was my coach and I was the only one in his team. Our trawler boat left the shore and we travelled towards the ocean. Stupendous blue all around calmed my soul besides my mind was waiting to explore underwater world. We had sailed nearly 40 minutes and by that time Mr. Rimmer had briefed me about the requisites for the scuba into the ocean. As soon as we had reached the desired destinations all the trainees with their particular trainer got ready for the diving. Though I was little nervous but my zeal had pushed me to get ready with all the adequate equipments. In no time Mr. Rimmer jumped into the ocean and asserted me to dive in. Finally I dived into to the ocean. All my anxiety had washed away by the waves and I gradually immersed. Deep into the ocean the tranquillity calmed my mind and I clapped eyes on the treasures of the ocean world. Beautiful corals, colourful fishes and unseen creatures were gratifying my eager eyes. In between Mr. Rimmer told me to repeat certain activities which he had shown me during the indoor training inside the pool. I was successful in almost all the stunts and qualified for further scuba diving session into the ocean.

My dream to do scuba diving into Open Ocean is a reality now and for that I am grateful to Mermaid Scuba Centre and especially to Mr. Gordon Rimmer, my trainer. Passion drove me to fulfil my dream and I realised that Scuba Diving is one of the reason of my existence on this earth.

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