Famous Flamingos

Nature heals more than any words!

“Nature heals more than any words and it proves again and again …”

Post Boguran, there is a sea beach where virginity prevails and we headed to an isolated place where one can watch the different folds of nature in her own wild form..

Rustic and serene Gorgaburu just gave us that healings to our mind that what we had not expected before reaching there ….

Its a place far from what we called “complications of life” situated in the lap of Gorga hills where nature has its own way to rejuvenate your mind and body through her different shades altogether …. no matter how you reach there but you will leave the place with something in mind that will make your heart heavy but probably it’s a feeling one misses amidst the city concrete.

Gorga hill reminds us that even without the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas one can feel totally amused with its humble yet magnanimous presence,; that tells us life is intense yet simple.

Nonetheless, the natural beauty of the range standing tall on the bank of Pardi Lake provides an excellent panorama as well. The ethnic life style and culture of the local aborigines puts us back to our basics and offers us to rethink that lavish life may not be the key to a peaceful life. Now, it’s our own way how to deal with ourselves.

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