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Switzerland! ….Queen of the Planet!

Switzerland is one of the most gracious lands in this World. Beautiful terrain attracts people from all over the World.

World fascinate to see this land and fall in love with the abundant gift of nature.Blue glaciers, snow-clad mountains, mystic lakes are mesmerizing in Switzerland.Even a day-end is something magical there.

A dawn triggers human instinct to travel across the Alps with enthusiasm.In fact, Switzerland posses the most scenic creation of nature and bountiful serenity dwells in every part of the country.

People, Culture and Customs are unique there and the country is rule-bound but still the natives live happily there without any fear of losing their luxury.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” is one of the prime deliberation and practice of the people of Switzerland.

Be it winter, be it spring, be it summer or during the rain Switzerland remains attractive and human roll upon the land with joy and wonder.

Switzerland is expensive but still people find ways to reach there to enjoy the magnificence and the life.Apart from the nature’s beauty, the country offers tuneful street, amusing pavements, youthful evening and excitement all around.

The country is compassionate like a Mother to her child .

Switzerland is always ready to offer many more than what we actually presume; Switzerland is extraordinary, unique and something beyond our imagination…I must conclude by writing that Switzerland is the Queen of the Planet!

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